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Getting ME Back
Meet Linda. She seems to have it all: a supportive family, good friends, and a spot on the cheer leading squad. But when she starts dating Vic, a confident and popular football player, she finds that first love isn’t exactly what she thought it would be.

When Vic begins to control Linda’s life and alienate her from her friends and family, it isn’t long before she forgets who she used to be. Death loneliness, death and betrayal seem to poison Linda's life.Eventually, Linda must find the courage to define herself again.

Will she become the girl who tells the truth and testifies or one who is running forever?

The Bully in ME
Do the events in our lives have any influence on the type of person we become?

For Daniel Vesta, a self-described bully who terrorizes his classmates, they do. Daniel delights in torturing and exploiting people that he sees as being weaker than himself-even those people that he considers to be his buddies. The only person that Daniel connects with is Randy, a guy he's known all his life and a guy who is not afraid to stand up to him. When a wilderness challenge goes fatally wrong, Daniel must face the death of his best friend and come to terms with the suspicions he has that Randy's death may have been his fault.

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